Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Internet Home Business: Where Is Your Killer Instinct?

Internet Home Business: Where Is Your Killer Instinct?
By Christopher Kyalo

No business opportunity created in the history of mankind has ever come anywhere, close let alone matched, the potential of an Internet home business.

The fact that vast unlimited resources are in the hands of the Internet home business entrepreneur and only a click away has opened up numerous and unlimited new doors. What this does is to make the potential revenue and profits of an Internet home business virtually limitless. That means that not even the sky is a limit.

The fact that it is not too difficult to make money from many an Internet home business opportunity has produced numerous home business entrepreneurs earning moderate incomes, which many are very pleased with. More so when they consider that there are many others out there who have never been able to reach that place where they are able to start generating some income online.

So this moderately successful Internet home business entrepreneur is completely unable to think big or even see the true potential of an online business. In other words they completely lack the "killer instinct" and that is the saddest thing that can happen to a hunter. They fail to see the awesome power to build an enormous Internet home business on a shoe string budget and with virtually no staff to worry about. They are totally blind to the vast potential international market that they can reach for almost nothing.

This state of mind is not even changed by the fact that we have already seen numerous Internet home businesses rise from nowhere to revenues of billions of dollars. To name just one example, Google Inc did not even exist a few short years ago yet today this former Internet home business is a giant and growing.

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