Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Do Any of These So Called Internet Home Business Opportunities Deliver?

Do Any of These So Called Internet Home Business Opportunities Deliver?
By Kevin D Browne

wanted be a little nifty in the abstract about my experiences with internet home business opportunities. Anybody like how direct it was?

The fact is that there are internet home business opportunities out there, but a lot of us get blindsided by OTHER things on our way to finding them.

Think about the way you surf the net. You got on there looking around for "camping gear on sale" and you end up playing Texas Hold 'Em for three and half hours.

That happens to EVERYONE. We are all very easily distracted by the next best thing. Especially on the internet.

Hopefully, that's in the back of your mind when you go searching for internet home business opportunities. Remember that it was me who told you to stay FOCUSED.

Think of the internet as a huge amusement park. There are a ton of things that will catch the attention of all of your senses...but you're there to talk to the owner of the park about a job.

Put horse blinders on, especially at first, and do your homework. Lots of it.

Grab new notebooks and HARD covered notebooks and write down the possibilities that appeal to you most. Then sleep on everything. Make NO decisions in ONE day. You will always have better thinking the next day...and as excited as you may get, those internet home business opportunities will be there the next day. And the best ones will be long after that.

Fight the urge to ride all the fun looking rides. YOU ARE THERE TO TALK TO THE OWNER OF THE PARK! Your job is to find a job. And you can't find it on the Tilt 'O Wheel. I've tried that, it doesn't work.

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