Thursday, July 03, 2008

How Your Internet Home Business Opportunity Benefits From Article Marketing

How Your Internet Home Business Opportunity Benefits From Article Marketing
By Juhani Tontti

What may be the most interesting is that the article marketing is free, if you do not set any price for your own work. But it has many real benefits for the home business opportunity, most of them with the long term effect.

To put the benefits into the nutshell there are three: targeted traffic, related backlinks for SEO and brand building. These all your internet home business opportunity will need. The instant traffic comes from the article directories and email links, the residual traffic from high se page rankings and the brand building happens step by step during a long period of time. As you see, the benefit pack of the article marketing is big.

One of the traffic sources, which is important comes from the websites, which have copied your article into their websites and thus recommend it to their own site visitors. As you understand this traffic grows step by step but is very useful, because it is based on the recommendation of other related internet home business opportunity website. Some of the sites will get your article trough RSS, via syndication, but in any case this takes time.

You see, despite of the fact that the quality is king, it is also in the article marketing, but the real long term benefit comes from the many backlinks the articles bring to the site. Backlinks are like votes from other sites to your internet home business opportunity site and search engines respect them and the more you have the better ranking they will give to you. The target should always be to reach the first position at a give keyword. Here the quantity is the key.

To win the top place on the result page of a given keyword is a competition, where you have to beat the present leader and your main weapon is the number of backlinks. Nobody really know how the search engines set the sites in a certain order on the result pages, and they change the rules every now and then, but what we know the backlinks are the most important factor. There is also the quality factor, i.e. how many related backlinks the linking sites have, but on that factor we cannot influence so much, because anyone can copy our article and paste it to his site.

The volume factor is the reason for the backlink wars, because so many home business opportunity marketers are looking for keywords, where they have possibilities to rank well and some effective tools are available for the analyzes on this area. A part of this strategy is to follow the situation of your internet home business opportunity site and support your positions by writing more articles or to turn to the more promising keyword.

Another important thing is to think like an article reader. What useful and fresh information your article can offer, which will solve some problem or offer new chances for his home business opportunity. Here the quality is really the king, because if the articles as such brings technical benefits, high rankings for instance, a quality content makes the reader to copy the article and come back regularly to copy even more useful articles. The quality content is in the long term the only way to build the brand, a trusted image, and to stand out from the crowd. Of course the bad, useless content works in another way round, it builds bad image and your business will suffer.

The combination of big volume, competitive keywords and useful content will result to the best result for your home business opportunity. This combination needs planning but is relatively easy to make, when you take into account the need of the target group, the search engine requirements and will write always to your readers. They will build your brand and buy your products, not the search engines.

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. The Internet Home Business Opportunity Can Benefit A Lot From The Article Marketing. If You Need More Info, Visit My Home Business Opportunity Site

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