Friday, August 08, 2008

Internet Home Business Tactics - Writing Articles - How to Give Up Work and Write Articles Instead

By Janet simpson

Let's suppose you've decided to create a website and you have a much needed product which sells for $97.

Let's also suppose that the only way you can give up work and pay the bills is if you can generate a minimum income of $1,500 per month.

That means you need to sell at least one product per day, which equates to 20 sales. Twenty times $97 equals $1,940. Bingo! That will do it!

So you can indeed give up work. But in order to make one sale a day, you need to attract 100 subscribers to your website every single day. And working on the basis that you convert 50 percent of the visitors who land on your website, you actually need to encourage 200 people per day to your website. If 200 people land on your website, 100 of them will register as a subscriber and one will buy your product.

Okay, so we know what the formula is. How can we encourage 200 people to visit your site? The best way I know is to use article marketing.

There are other methods that work, but they are either expensive unreliable at generating quality subscribers. These other methods include submitting your website to other web directories, purchasing link exchanges or asking other website owners for a reciprocal link. They are all very useful methods of creating back links, but none are as effective at generating traffic.

So, how many articles will you need to write on a daily basis to achieve the number of subscribers that you're looking for? A good place to start is to generate 5 articles per day. You could start off with 5 articles per day and monitor the response. If you only achieve 50 signups to your squeeze page per day, then you will know that you need to double your efforts.

But 5 articles per day is an excellent place to start. I launched a new website last week, that is some seven or eight days ago, and last week, I created 40 articles for the week.

They are in various stages of submission, but I have noticed the numbers of subscribers are increasing on a slow but sure basis. If you can create 10 articles per day, that will equate to 50 per week, which, in turn, will generate 200 articles per month. Do that for a period of three months, and you will be overwhelmed at the traffic you begin to generate.

You will also be overwhelmed at the numbers of back links that you begin to achieve, and the more back links you achieve, the higher your website is ranked in the search engines.

So start today. Write 5 articles. Proofread, edit and submit them to the article directories, and begin your quest for 100 signups per day. You won't be disappointed.

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