Monday, June 30, 2008

Internet Home Business Opportunities: Home Computer Business Idea - Success Series - My Goals

Home Computer Business Idea - Success Series - My Goals By Thambu Nacchiappan

I had dreams and goals that were not strong enough until I learned from the successful people. They taught me to strengthen my goals by helping me to visualize them, thus increasing my confidence level and by creating trust towards the business I was doing. Anything you dream of should be visualized, seen everyday (by sticking posters of our dreams in our bedroom) and enjoyed within ourselves, so that we first love our dreams and goals. When we start loving them, our confidence levels increase and a passion to really be successful is created. This is just like stepping out of the house, knowing the direction, to reach a particular destination.
As said earlier the goal should be specific, and the most important thing is that we must have a specific time frame to achieve our goals. Anyone fixing goals but without any particular date to achieve those goals, has just crossed 20%. The balance 80% is the time frame he fixes, to achieve these goals. The time frame depends upon his commitment and the time he allocates in his action plan to achieve his goals. The goals or dreams should be practical, measurable and achievable. For example, my dream is to buy a BMW 7 series car and if I plan to achieve this within 2 months, it may not be possible. The cost of the car divided by hourly income in our business shows us, how many hours we should work, and how much committed we should be to achieve that. Dream big, but with time commitment and passion to make that dream come true.
Moreover, the goals should be written down and it is more better, if we spend some time to visualize the goal and write it down daily. Understand that, the more times you write it down the more deep it will register or get imprinted in your sub conscious mind. The more deeper it is registered, the more closer you will work with passion to achieve that. This act brings out the motivation, ability and creativity needed achieve our goal.
We must have a Action Plan to reach our goal, that is, we must decide on Why to do? what to do? when to do? where to do? and how to do? Before doing anything. First of all, we should be sure about the purpose for what we are doing a particular thing, that inspires you and motivates you to accomplish it! If you are married, just think about your children and family, visualize their way of living if you are successful and this purpose is more than enough to motivate you. HAPPY SUCCESSFUL DREAMS & GOALS...
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